An Innovative Mill for Special Grain

The whole story Scotland The Bread is the first UK owner of a Zentrofan cyclone mill to make flour from Scottish grain for home and community bakers. We saw it during a visit to heritage grain growers, millers and bakers in Sweden in 2016. What’s so special about it? Unlike industrial roller mills which waste […]

Soil to Slice Growers Gather

Soil to Slice community growers gathered in May to share their experiences growing heritage wheat, to hear an update on Scotland the Bread’s nutrient research and to practice baking real bread. Throughout the day, participants shared stories of how the simple act of growing wheat in public spaces has sparked conversations and generated interest in how this […]

Imagine a home-grown, healthy future, where . . .

farmers grow wheat full of nutrients, while keeping the land in good health millers turn the wheat into fresh, wholesome flour for local baking home and community bakers transform the flour into tasty, easily digested real bread and we can all enjoy it, knowing that everyone involved has been fairly rewarded You are invited to […]