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Project Coordinator

Flour to the People! An exciting new collaboration between Bread Matters and Scotland The Bread is looking for a Coordinator to help produce more nutritious flour and bread to support health and wellbeing in disadvantaged communities in Scotland.

We’re installing a second mill at the Bowhouse in Fife to increase production of nutrient-dense flour. With our mobile bakery partner, you’ll help organise community baking interventions baking bread with, and streaming tutorials to, selected community food hubs. And you’ll help set up product development and ‘train the trainer’ events with Scotland The Bread’s network of community and artisan bakers to facilitate greater understanding and take-up of Scotland The Bread flour.

You’ll need a commitment to the values and objectives of Scotland The Bread, good organisational and communications skills and an ability to work with diverse stakeholders, especially those whose access to healthy food has been further compromised by COVID-19. A love of real bread will come in handy, too. You need to be available right now as this is a time-limited project (ending Nov 30th). Read the full job description here: Flour to the People Coordinator.

Board of Directors

Bread For Good Community Benefit Society welcomes new Board members to bring additional time, skills, experience and knowledge to the table. Contact us if you can offer one or more of these qualities to help us improve the grain and flour supply faster.

If you are interested in joining the Board, please send a short statement explaining your relevant experience, along with your CV, to