Flour to the People

About the project

Loaves disappeared first. Then flour. Empty shelves became a stark motif of the Covid-19 crisis. Overnight, lockdown caused a quadrupling of demand for local flour. Like other specialist mills and food businesses, the Scotland The Bread online shop was overwhelmed and had to close for a fortnight.

Flour to the People is our response to this increased demand for quality flour and our strategy for strengthening communities’ resilience when just-in-time supply chains are disrupted.

The project launched in July 2020 and received extension funding from Innovate UK in January 2021 for a further three months. Flour to the People has enabled the installation of a second innovative cyclone mill to double our round-the-clock production of flour milled from nutritious grain grown in Fife. Alongside this, we partnered with ten food hubs in communities across Scotland to hold online baking events to share breadmaking skills and knowledge. These events aimed to open up a future for participants that offers an alternative to purchasing the usual low-value, mass-produced and ultra-processed supermarket offerings.

Rosie Gray of Reviving Food demonstrating brioche, pizza and bread made from Scotland The Bread flour, which volunteers later tried out on-site in their community kitchen. They then joined us on the follow-up Q&A while the bread baked.

We also worked with existing community bakeries to increase the impact of localised supply chains and support healthier eating, personal wellbeing and food resilience into the future. This means working with community bakers to develop popular products and strengthen confidence and skills to bake with Scotland The Bread’s nutrient-dense flour.


In partnership with Nourish Scotland and a talented group of bakers, we are developing resources to help community groups inspire people to bake and to engage in a local flour and bread system.

  • Ideas and advice for hosting baking workshops
  • Popular and delicious recipes for a range of occasions
  • Techniques for ‘selling the story’ of local and wholemeal flours
  • Tips for increasing new bakers’ confidence and skills
  • A package to introduce sourdough breadmaking to your community

You can access these resources here.



Flour to the People Project Coordinator Lyndsay Cochrane introduces our Innovate UK Covid-19 rapid response funded project in this short video made by UKRI, and our Miller-Manager Connie Hunter explains the difference between our traditional wheat varieties and conventional bread wheats.