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Scottish Flour and Grain


We are now milling grain grown in 2019 at Balcaskie. We are calling this grain ‘Balcaskie Landrace’ as an indication of our ambitions to create an increasingly diverse population of plants that adapt to the local soils and climate.

This is an evolution of work that has been going on for some years. In 2016, Scotland The Bread got started as a social enterprise by milling flour milled from three varieties of wheat that were common in Scotland in the 19th century – Rouge d’EcosseGolden Drop and Hunter’s. Read more about how our heritage wheats were rescued, and the work involved in bringing the flour to life – our Heritage flour.

Order online, or see if we supply a stockist or artisan bakery near you.

Scottish Flour and Grain

Balcaskie Landrace organic grain


Scottish Flour and Grain

Fulltofta organic wholemeal rye flour


Scottish Flour and Grain

Holma organic rye grain


Scottish Flour and Grain

Wakelyn’s YQ organic grain