The Solidarity Bag: Pass it Forward to Community Bakeries

Bulk bags of wholemeal flour

We have launched the Solidarity Bag: a 16 or 8 kg bag of flour paid for by you and delivered to the brilliant community bakeries working across Scotland to keep their communities fed.

With her experience working with foodbanks, our new Flour to the People Project Coordinator Lyndsay Cochrane is well placed to introduce this new ‘pay-it-forward’ option now featured in our online shop. She says:

‘It is not often that we received a donation of flour to the foodbank in which I volunteered. The few bags that did come in had their own special box and were offered as an extra. Those who received it were delighted, knowing that they could make their favourite type of bread or plan a baking session with their children. During lockdown, after supermarket shelves had been cleared, I was even more surprised to find bags of flour in amongst the tins of soup and cartons of long-life milk donated. While the news conjured images of a nation of hoarders, here was an example of someone recognising the choice, control and creativity that a bag of flour offers and seeking to gift that to a person who may not currently enjoy any of those.

‘Scotland The Bread’s Solidarity Bag helps to extend the impact of a community food project’s activity beyond the day of a workshop, providing the key ingredient allowing people to continue baking at home, to practise their new skills and to grow in confidence as each loaf gets better and better.

‘It is not just a bag of flour, it is a relationship with a local baker who can provide tips and advice; it is an opportunity to get involved in the activities of and be supported by a community project; it is a creative outlet that improves mental wellbeing; it is a tool for developing skills, confidence and self-esteem; and it is a chance to access a nutritious alternative that is unlikely to be otherwise available.’

The current crisis has created a huge demand for flour, and we know that many people still struggle to access good quality flour at an accessible price in their local area. We work with community bakeries throughout Scotland who are working hard to ensure that their communities continue to have access to nutritious bread and flour on a regular basis, at a price that they can afford.

This solidarity bag of flour is available for our supportive customers and members to purchase on behalf of these community bakeries, as an act of solidarity in these very difficult circumstances. This is one way of contributing to our efforts to ensure everyone has access to locally produced, nutritious food.

We are providing flour in 16kg bags which is then distributed among community members by the bakeries. You can either purchase a whole 16kg bag or a half bag. Scotland The Bread is contributing towards these efforts by organising and paying for the delivery of the flour. Thank you in advance for your generous support and solidarity.

You can fund a Solidarity Bag through our online shop here. 

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