‘Bake Two, Share One’ Recipe for Coronavirus Bread Communities

How can we help during the Coronavirus outbreak? We have been putting our heads together to work out how we can best play to our strengths and yours.
We’re focusing on two activities:
1. ‘Bake Two, Share One’
2. Responsive help, tips, guidance and troubleshooting from us to help you bake your best loaf
1. We’ve been talking about bread communities for a while, and this situation is what those communities are made for. With your help, we can create a chain of bread-making that supports those who need it, nourishes us all and gives everyone something to do if they’re stuck at home for a fortnight or longer!
Let’s bake the antidote to stockpiling, and double down on the ‘bake two, share one’ strategy. We’ve been seeing reports from New York of ‘neighbourhood bread drops’ to share loaves, and we love it. It can be as simple as doubling your usual recipe, bagging one up and hanging it on a neighbour’s door on your daily exercise escape. Guaranteed to cheer up a housebound covid-19 captive.
If the lucky recipient happens to be getting on a bit, consider slicing your loaf before sharing it. That way they can pop it in the freezer and take a slice or two out each evening to be ready for breakfast (or simply defrost them in the toaster): lovely fresh bread without all those ‘crumb-softening enzymes’ that make industrial bread so squidgy and indigestible.
To get you started, we’re releasing the two-loaf recipe that we wrote for our Bake Two Share One #RealBreadWeek pack. Download it here: Bake two Share one recipe sheet – it will show you how:
– to refresh your starter with wheat flour
– to make two simple tasty nutritious sourdough loaves
– to pass on some culture, skill (and love)
We will also be publishing some more recipes to join those already on our blog. Our recipe for sourdough hot cross buns is particularly timely and shareable.
2. That’s what we can all do: now on to what Scotland The Bread can do. If the activity on our online shop is anything to go by, a lot of people now have a lot of flour, and perhaps need some tips, guidance and troubleshooting to feel confident making the most of it.
You have flour, we have knowledge. What isn’t working? What would you like to improve? Do you know where to start with a starter? Is your loaf dense, dipping in the middle or flat?
Send us your questions and bread dilemmas by email to info@scotlandthebread.org, by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts or by under this blog. We’ll collate them and STB Chairman (described by The Guardian as ‘the godfather of the British sourdough movement’) will film a Q&A session answering them. We’ll also be sharing some of the amazing content being posted by other bread experts in the UK and beyond. Let the bread workshops come to you!

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