Real Bread Week 2020: Bake Two, Share One

For Real Bread Week 2020, we launched an idea that we hope will resonate long after the celebration drew to a close on 29th February. We asked our supporters to spread Real Bread and kick-start sourdough communities by baking two loaves and giving one away. We ran a Real Bread Week pack offer (a rare occurrence for us) to encourage this, putting together a flour box containing a special two-loaf recipe.

Scotland The Bread Supporters can now access this recipe on our blog as a subscription benefit. (To subscribe or renew a subscription, click here.)

Written by Chairman Andrew Whitley, these instructions explain how:

  • to refresh your starter with Scotland The Bread wheat flour
  • to make two simple tasty nutritious sourdough loaves
  • to pass on some culture, skill (and love)

Did you share Real Bread, a starter or your bread-making skills with someone else this year? Do let us know about it, we would love to hear stories of people passing it on.

Dear Bakers of Bread – as Mrs Mash’s Real Bread lullaby below sings – please make it slow. And we would add: please make two and share one ‘to make something good grow’. 

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