Our Contribution to the Rowett Institute Climate Week 2019 Pledge Tree

As part of Climate Week 2019 (7 – 13th October) the Rowett Institute for Nutrition and Health in Aberdeen created a ‘pledge tree’ for the Rowett atrium.
Launched on the 11th October, this represented an opportunity for the Institute to showcase their research and the work of partners and colleagues to contribute towards fulfilling the Scottish Government’s target of achieving 0% net emissions by 2045. The tree is also designed to offer a chance for individuals to personally reflect on the small changes each of us can make to help mitigate climate change. Personal and organisational pledges and research stories are being displayed on the tree, and will be collected and collated into a report which will highlight personal, scientific and organisational aspiration towards a sustainable Scotland.
Scotland The Bread responded with the following pledge:
Pledge from Bread for Good Community Benefit Society (trading as Scotland The Bread)
Scotland needs
farmers to make an honest living by growing better grains and skilled neighbourhood bakers to turn these grains into nutritious bread accessible to everyone.
Scotland The Bread has
rescued Scottish wheat varieties with above-average nutrients and superior flavour; started a company growing, milling and selling the organic flour from these grains; and set up a Soil to Slice network of citizen scientists growing and evaluating plots of wheat in communities across Scotland.
We pledge to
build new markets for these grains; work with researchers to measure and develop the most diverse, nutritious and flavoursome grains possible; and train people to find meaningful employment in community baking, using appropriate fermentation to transform loaves and lives.

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