Volunteering at Bowhouse Food & Drink Weekends

Our thanks to Scotland The Bread Director Alison Ramcharran for sharing her experience of supporting our stalls at Food & Drink Weekends at Bowhouse in Fife, where we are based:

Scotland The Bread’s Zentrofan mill is housed in Unit 8 at Bowhouse, which looks out over the atmospheric ruins of St Monans’ Newark Castle.

One weekend a month Bowhouse hosts a market from 10am until 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, and we get the opportunity to sell our freshly milled flour and talk about flour, sourdough, baking and milling to the market’s many visitors. The market entices people from all over Scotland, as well as being visited by many holiday-makers to Fife. Last weekend I met American students from St Andrews and holiday makers from Guildford, as well as many locals.

Our stalls are situated on the east side of the market, immediately outside the mill, which allows us to quickly fill the shelves with bags of just-milled flour throughout market days. We also stock a range of wood pulp proving baskets, Andrew Whitley’s ground-breaking book Bread Matters and a range of beautiful baking tins and accessories.

As well as being a very busy selling space, our market stall is a magnet for bread-makers from all over who come to talk about bread and to ask advice. Many people are interested in the fact that very little of Scotland’s wheat crop is used for baking, and the idea of freshly milled flour is often a new one. It is wonderful to make contact with people who love good provenance and value local produce and talk to them about how they will use their flour. People ask for advice about hand baking and how they can adapt our flour for their bread-makers. We are always very happy to encourage bakers to try sourdough for the first time, and we stock a wonderful organic dried sourdough starter. There have been times when people have asked: ‘Please just give me everything that I need to start bread making,’ which is very satisfying to provide.

Can you volunteer to support our market stalls?

The markets take place every month from March to December, and we need volunteers to help to sell the flour. Whether or not you are a bread maker, or if you are just an enthusiast of great locally sourced food, please think about volunteering for half a day on a Saturday or Sunday. You will be made very welcome, and will be lending a hand to a great cause.

To get in touch about volunteering, email connie.hunter@scotlandthebread.org

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