Flour to the People: the project so far, and looking to the future

The past two months have been filled with enthusiastic conversations, sourdough success stories and the sharing of many baking tips during our Flour to the People events with community food hubs and workshops for bakers.

Watch Lyndsay and Miller-Manager Connie Hunter introduce the project in this short video made by UKRI.

Taking part in the online Q&A session with Belville Community Garden in Inverclyde

Over 100 people from six communities across the Highlands, West of Scotland and Fife picked up baking packs and watched the demonstration video filmed with Rosie Gray of Reviving Food. During online Q&A sessions we heard how they had been inspired to create their first sourdough starter and have a go at Rosie’s recipes. Many enjoyed the flavour that Scotland The Bread flour added to their own favourite bakes (banana bread and pancakes were particularly popular!).

Using Scotland The Bread flour in banana bread

We also learnt about the creative ways that community food hubs hope to make nutritious flour and bread accessible in their area, including establishing a baking co-op; becoming a local source of Scotland the Bread flour; and using it in their community meals. We look forward to continued collaboration with the community food hubs in these activities and supplying them with the flour they need (you can help out by purchasing ‘Solidarity Flour’ here, or apply for a bag for your community organisation here).

A community member’s successful loaf of bread

Our discussions with small-scale and community bakers revealed the scale of their enthusiasm, talent and resourcefulness. All are making the most of their localised supply chains to adapt quickly and brilliantly to the challenges thrown at them this year. As they work tirelessly to make delicious and nutritious bread available to communities as far apart as Strathpeffer and Dumfries, the bakers enjoyed the motivation, ideas and sense of companionship that came from these workshops.

We were delighted to learn recently that our application for extension funding for this project has been approved by Innovate UK. This means that we will be able to increase its impact and bring more flour to more people!

Flour ready to be distributed to community food hubs

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