Sourdough September 2020

(Photo: Wee Boulangerie’s ‘Flour of Scotland’ loaf for a previous Sourdough September)

The Real Bread Campaign’s 8th annual, international celebration of the oldest way of leavening a loaf is underway.

Three ingredients = a world of Real Bread. This year’s focus is on the diversity of bread that can be made with just three ingredients, and of the people who bake it.

Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young, who created and runs the annual event, said: “Sourdough isn’t a look, taste or style. Any bread that can be made with baker’s yeast can be made using a sourdough starter, and then some. We’re encouraging people who’ve only tasted one type of loaf sold as sourdough to try others from a Real Bread bakery, supporting an amazing local business in the process, or to bake their own at home.”

Doughy discovery

Things that many people don’t realise can differ between one loaf of genuine sourdough bread and another include:

Taste: Sweet or savoury, with acidity ranging from tangy to barely perceptible

Crust: Soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy

Crumb: Glossy and chewy, with a texture ranging from tight and regular to open and irregular

Shape: From the art you see on Insta to the everyday sandwich tin loaf, to a world of flatbreads – anything goes!

All well-made sourdough bread should have a good depth and complexity of flavour and aroma, bringing the best out of what nature (and farmer) gave the grain and the miller preserved. There might even be health and nutritional benefit of sourdough fermentation and the Campaign continues to call for more research into these.

Spatially distanced, socially together

This year, fermentalists have found ways within current health protection measures to help people get involved face-to-face. Others are going online to share their sourdough knowledge.

Amongst the highlights is a sourdough Breadchat on 2 September at 8pm BST via Zoom. Experts including Real Bread Campaign ambassadors Dilly Boase, Danielle Ellis, Sonya Hundal and Ameena Nur will troubleshoot, bust myths and answer questions to help people make bread successfully with confidence.

Details of classes, events and other activities can be found on our calendar, and many more on social media.

Sourdough social

Sourdough bread is made by people of almost every age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability, religion and culture. To help celebrate this diversity, and inspire more people, everyone is invited to take a #SourdoughSelfie of themself with genuine sourdough bread of any kind they’ve baked or bought and share the photo on social media. Read more.

Say no to sourfaux!

For whatever reason(s) people want or need to choose genuine sourdough bread, the Real Bread Campaign continues to lobby for a legal definition as part of an Honest Crust Act to help protect shoppers from being misled. The Campaign also works to help protect bakers who craft the real thing from any unfair competition by companies using the word to name and market products manufactured using additives and baker’s yeast.

Tuck in

People can visit the Real Bread Campaign website to find:

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