Our Daily Bread: Six loaves at the fault lines of economics & health – SRUC Global Food Security & Nutrition talk

In October 2019, STB Chairman Andrew Whitley was invited by Dr. Cesar Revoredo-Giha to give a lecture to students on his Global Food Security & Nutrition MSc course at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). Andrew’s hour-long talk explored, through the medium of six different loaves, the international historic and economic stories that unfold from ancient dinner tables to the factory sliced white that is most readily recognised as bread today. He demonstrated the impact of the current commodity-based food systems that create those factory loaves, and how we might climb our way out of those systems to re-build a bread supply chain that works for people, the economy and the planet. On the way we learn that the ‘brown vs white’ debate so familiar to industrial loaf advertising campaigns was already in full flow in Ancient Roman households.

Dr Revoredo-Giha has kindly provided us with a recording of the talk, now edited to link with Andrew’s presentation slides.

Dr. Cesar Revoredo-Giha is Senior Economist and Food Marketing Research Team Leader, and Reader in Food Supply Chain Economics, in SRUC’s Rural Economy, Environment and Society Department.


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