Imagine a home-grown, healthy future, where . . .

  • farmers grow wheat full of nutrients, while keeping the land in good health
  • millers turn the wheat into fresh, wholesome flour for local baking
  • home and community bakers transform the flour into tasty, easily digested real bread
  • and we can all enjoy it, knowing that everyone involved has been fairly rewarded

You are invited to bring this future to life

We are delighted to announce that Bread For Good Community Benefit Society Ltd has launched a share issue. We achieved our initial target of £30,000 by the end of August 2016 and are continuing to welcome new shareholders. Your investment will enable us to carry out much-needed wheat breeding, testing and research; develop a minimum nutritional standard and assurance system; and provide high-quality training that will help to create meaningful employment in community-scale baking.

Become a Shareholder.

Thank you for considering an investment in home-grown bread for a healthy future.

Dr Chelsea Marshall,
Member of the founding Board of Directors

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