Soil to Slice

Soil to Slice is a programme that encourages communities throughout Scotland to get involved in growing, harvesting, threshing, milling and baking with more nutritious grains in their local area.

In 2015, Scotland the Bread’s co-founders, Andrew and Veronica, started this project with the purpose of helping local communities to grow and bake their own healthy bread, from the soil to the slice. Sitting alongside our wider crop research, this participatory project engages local communities in gaining a better understanding of how heritage grains can be grown and enjoyed close to home.

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Fermenting Good Ideas

Growing grain on this scale in urban plots and community gardens isn’t going to create a viable supply of flour for any community, yet participants have shown that even a tiny patch of wheat can change the way we think of our growing spaces and their connection with our food.

Abundant possibilities spring up when we are invited to re-imagine the way we ‘do’ bread and to formulate ideas to suit our unique, local circumstance. These might include:

  • a community-scale micro-bakery to serve a school, a clinic or a care home;
  • a peri-urban farm to supply freshly-milled flour to a local food network;
  • a community to share its breadmaking skills and varied cultural traditions, creating real jobs in meaningful work as it does so;
  • a local authority or NHS Trust to give nourishing bread a central place in its public procurement…

It’s worth remembering that a plot of just 8 x 10 metres can produce enough wheat to make bread for one person for a full year. What is the next step for your local area?

Get involved

The network of community groups growing, harvesting, threshing, milling and baking with our grains is growing. Scotland the Bread aims to support Soil to Slice participants with:

  • Seed from our on-going crop research;
  • Involvement in a network of community groups involved in growing and baking grains in their local areas;
  • Access to some small-scale equipment to sow, thresh, clean and mill home-grown grains;
  • Opportunities to learn and share learning about baking real bread.

Interested in joining Soil to Slice?

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This project is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.