Sourdough baking

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Examples abound of citizens across the globe, modern and ancient, revolting in response to threats to the quality of their daily bread. In the UK we have our own resistance: the feisty Real Bread Campaign, co-founded by Scotland The Bread Executive Chairman Andrew Whitley. Why do we fight so determinedly for this oft-maligned staple food?

At Scotland The Bread, we don’t sell bread. We grow and mill organic, traditional grains, and these can be put to use across the baking board in bread, pizza dough, cakes, biscuits etc. Our passion, however, is now and always will be for sourdough.

Andrew Whitley, who literally wrote the Bread Matters book on sourdough, has campaigned for the revival, recognition and appreciation of slowly fermented sourdough since the 1970s. Since setting up the Village Bakery in Cumbria in 1976, which he ran until 2002, he has inspired and been inspired by a growing demand for tasty and wholesome bread made without additives, produced in a way that respects the environment as much as the health of all the people involved, from farmers to eaters. 

And it is this that makes sourdough worth the valuable, essential time: the creation of a loaf that is digestible, nutritious and gentle on the fields and ecosystems that produce it. A loaf that provides meaningful, skilled employment to commercial bakers, or satisfaction when drawn out of the home oven.

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