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Photo credit: Anneleen Lindsay Photography @anneleenphoto

As a Community Benefit Society, our goal is to create opportunities for everyone to get involved in establishing a Scottish flour and bread supply that is healthy, equitable, locally controlled and sustainable.

We work in partnership with communities across Scotland to introduce local people to our nutritious grains and support them in developing the knowledge and skills to grow, process and bake these into delicious bread.  

Our projects aim to create local resilience and inspire communities to look with fresh eyes at their daily loaf.  Find out more:



We want to ensure that we remain responsive to feedback from communities who have been involved with our projects so far and would love to hear ideas and suggestions from people who have had a taste of what better bread means. Please get in touch with us: lyndsay.cochrane@scotlandthebread.org 



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There is increasing interest from communities across Scotland to learn more about where their bread comes from. We want to develop these successful projects so that more people are empowered to discover and engage in a better flour and bread system. 



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